23, single momma to Lachlan born 05/23/11. Atlanta.
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I’m obsessed with this shirt.

Lachlan (and myself!) are obsessed with this app. It has adorable graphics, no ad’s, and it’s even free!

Go download it now! It’s called “toca monster.”

This picture still cracks me up.

Awww I love my neighbors. They are 2 gay men in their late 60s or so, and they just adore Lachlan. They said they are going to surprise Lachlan with a Halloween care package! How thoughtful!

Makes up for the other neighbor, who I may be afraid of, and so is my dad haha

Lachlan got lost At target today.

Usually he is awesome at standing next to me, but I turned Around for 2 seconds and he was gone.

Scary shit I tell you. It took me 5 minutes to find him.

He was standing in a corner trying his best to look brave.

Then first thing he said when he saw me was “I found you.” Not so much buddy, I think I found you!

Don’t think he will be pulling that again anytime soon.

It’s a “shark bite” pumpkin.

Also his favorite food.

Why do I even bother going to any burger place besides five guys.

Five Guys will always be the best.

Fresh jalapeƱos »»> pickled jalapeƱos.

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