23, single momma to Lachlan born 05/23/11. Atlanta.
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đź‘˝playdoh superheroes

Lachlan told me that he is a snake, and I am a lady bug. Also that Ethan was a shark, James is an ant.

All them kids

Lachlan likes his bugs.

This weekend has been lonely.

My only real friend at my job has been out of town.

I think I will quit when she does.

I’ve had 3 people tell me to fill in my eyebrow. They are rude and ask me what I did to it.

Then they pretend to feel bad when I tell them that it’s been that way since I had a tumor(non cancerous) cut off.

I won’t ever fill it in, if you have a problem with it quit looking at me.

I like it.

I’m sick of all the damn snarky remarks.
I don’t care to know you, I don’t initiate conversation with you, why do you come up to me to make yourself feel about your insecurities. I don’t care.

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