23, single momma to Lachlan born 05/23/11. Atlanta.
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Shit my kid said today

I get into the car after buckling Lachlan in, and the first thing he says to me is “I’m not going to puke, I’m fine.”

Cool kid? Did you suddenly get nauseous in the 30 seconds it took for me to walk to the drivers side and get in the car. But I’m super glad you are not going to puke, in the car no less.


I told Lachlan that I am old.

He told me that I need to be put in the trash because I’m old.

Thanks kid, but I’m not produce. I don’t want to rot in a land dump.

He has been going on and on about bad babies today. For a second I thought he was referring to my troll collection, but then he went on saying he was scared to go upstairs because of the bad babies.

Do little kids dream of bad people in their size?

Who are these “bad babies”?

My grandmas bedroom wall.


Illustrations by Tara McPherson (via WeHeart)

He’s so pretty. 😍

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